Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring 2003: The first time I visit New York City and Marvel comics

In the Spring of '03 I found out my wife was going on a business trip to NYC. And I would get to go with her!

I had never been to NYC, but my Grandmother and a bunch of relatives grew up there (My Grandmother had a thick NYC accent until the day she died) and so I heard plenty of stories about the city growing up. NYC seemed like Oz me, it honestly seemed like someplace I would never get to even visit. As laughable as it seems now, my mind was so closed going to NYC seemed like flying to Mars.

As the date rolled closer, I realized I wanted to tour Marvel Comics. I looked online and did some queries, but everyone told me it was impossible, Marvel didn't do tours anymore.

But I had my ace in the hole, C.B. Cebulski's business card he had given me back in the previous summer at San Diego, he had told me to keep in touch.

The story of my visit is told in more detail on my website.

Nowadays, everyone trying to get work in comics knows about C.B. from his years as Marvel Comics Talent Scout, but at the time he was an assistant editor on The Ultimates.

Over the years, I've had many 'lucky breaks' meeting C.B. at this point was a huge lucky break.

I resolved to take advantage of my visit to Marvel by taking some samples and I drew these 2 stories, a Spider-Man and a Thing story, both simple stories I made up.

This was a turning point in my drawing comics, I spent several hours that afternoon at C.B.'s desk and he went over these pages in detail. He explained storytelling and how to lead the reader through each page. I didn't get a job, but I got a great education in creating comics!