Thursday, May 29, 2014

2001: The year I didn't go to the SanDiego Comicon, but my artwork did.

The last entry I talked about going to SDCC and how when I got back I was approached by someone about a job doing 3d animation and how I spent the next year or so learning 3d animation to try and get  job that never happened.

However when the summer of 2001 rolled around I started thinking about the convention and not going. At this point I still was pretty lukewarm about drawing comics and so I decided to skip '01. However online I met a writer, Marc Bryant, who was putting together a book of 2 page stories he was going to give out at the convention to showcase his writing and some of his concepts.

When he invited me to be part of this I jumped on it and I drew "Seventh Son" a story about a guy who sees demons.

I think Marc came back with some sort of gig, but I never heard a peep about this and so I kept working on 3d animation.

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