Sunday, May 18, 2014

The '90s: My Fantastic Four Samples

Encouraged (maybe too much) by the response to my Wonder Woman sample I decided to drew more samples. Next I drew a Fantastic Four Sample. Only two things stick out about this sample in my mind. I had never draw something smashing thru glass, but I had read where John Byrne said when you drew something breaking glass you drew three times the glass then whould actually be in the window. Or something like that.
The other thing was I was trying to figure out how to draw stuff and so I drew Johnny Storm in a way that was very inspired by the prince from Alladin.
I still got lots of response from these pages, but the one I remember was one of the Marvel Editors told me my figures looked too 'cartoony' and Marvel didn't publish cartoony art! I've heard other artists say they got similar feedback.  

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