Sunday, May 18, 2014

The '90s: So I decided I wanted to try my hand at drawing comics...

Sometime in the late '90s I decided it would be cool to try and draw comics. I had read comics as a kid, but stopped reading them around the time I turned 16. When I was in art school one of the instructors was also a comic artist named Mike Kennedy. Being around him got me interested in reading comics, but it would be several years after I graduated before I would try my hand at drawing comics.
This is my first attempt at drawing real sequential pages. Based off a story from when John Byrne was creating Wonder Woman, I gave my wife the comic and asked her to write a sample script for me to drawn.
I made a huge list of all the editors I could find in the books in my local comic shop and mailed off copied. I used to mail out 50 - 60 packets with every sample. I still have fond memories of the process of putting together all those packets. I must be crazy, but honestly the sense that any one of those packets could be your breakthrough was pretty exhilarating. Sending off emails isn't really the same.
Amazingly, I actually got lots of feedback to these pages. Nobody hired me, but it was surprisingly encouraging, especially considering how terrible these pages are.  


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